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Inktober at Dear Diary Coffeehouse

Inktober is an annual event where artists challenge themselves to draw every day, every other day, or weekly. The idea is to create a goal for yourself and stick to it! Dear Diary is spicing things up with weekly prizes. All posts submitted in a given week will be entered into that week’s raffle. Week 5 is a little different; we’ll look over all submissions and choose a best-in-show.

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Drinky Draw

This Sunday, September 6th Dear Diary Coffeehouse is hosting a drink and draw event. We’ll all drink our beverages of choice, doodle in our sketchbooks, and chit-chat.

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Art Supply Group Order

Dear Diary is ordering more art supplies for the shop. The bigger our order, the more access we have to different brands and discounts. You’re invited to hop on our order, and we’ll pass the savings along to you! You’re guaranteed 10% off MSRP across the board, but we’ll try and save you more if we can.

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Join Coffee Club

Dear Diary is on a coffee journey! Join us as we try out beans from small roasters across the country, particularly businesses with positive community impact.

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Dear Diary face masks

Sewing face masks has been a fun activity for us during the slower hours at the shop. We’re proud of our fully adjustable, comfortable design. Elastic is scarce, but our crocheted cotton chains are nicer anyway, and the mask won’t slip off your nose! The sides are open so you can slip a HEPA filter in for added protection.

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Opening for business in the Corona Universe

Last Spring, my friend, Joshua Adrian was talking off-handedly about buying a house to convert into a coffee
shop—like Spider House. After years of looking for this in-road myself, I shared with him how Austin zoning
forces the little guys to lease from property management companies. I got lucky when I found a small unit in
shell-condition for roughly the cost of a house. Why not join forces?

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Hiring Store Manager

Dear Diary is looking for a store manager to join their leadership team. The ideal candidate has several years of coffeeshop experience, and has managed a team before.

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Coming Spring 2020

Dear Diary Coffeehouse, located at 1212 Chicon St #103, will open its doors in Spring of 2020. Business partners Joshua Adrian and A. Litsa look forward to offering East Austin a unique space with amenities for artists and writers: inspiring atmosphere, art supplies, plant based small bites, local beers, and great coffee.

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