Extended Hours (8am – 9pm Everyday) and Indoor Seating now available


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Black Art WKND

What is #Blackartwknd? The first annual art event in Austin, TX with curated works from emerging contemporary and urban art from Black creators. Original art on display through a 2-day multi-venue experience of events, featuring musical, visual performances, vendors, live painting, and much more!

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Artist programs at Dear Diary Coffeehouse

March 15th, our program will be much more scalable. We’ll have capacity to accept new artists, it will be easier for our growing staff to ring up products correctly, and art will be presented on much nicer store displays. To achieve these goals, we are simplifying our product mix, expanding our vendor program, and introducing a resident artist rotation.

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February Newsletter

You’re invited to Valentine’s NIGHT at Dear Diary. Gosh, this month is so packed with events! Check out the freebies, pop-ups, and other goodies we have planned.

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The cost of plant milk and what to do about it

Plant milk is really hard on coffee shop margins. Grocery store plant milk is more affordable than barista grade plant milk, but it doesn’t foam well.

A solution is to buy grocery store plant milk, and simply add soy lecithin.

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Kitchen Dance Partii consultation

Sagen Jackson, MPH is a lifestyle coach whose mission is to empower and equip vegans on their journey to better health. Come meet her and ask questions Saturday, February 27th. Sagen has the expertise, recipes, publications, and caring personality to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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