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Coffee for creatives

We are, in every way, a coffee shop for creatives. Post-Corona, the space will be a hub of drawing and writing meetups, but in the meantime, several local illustrators and fabric artists are using Dear Diary’s dining room as a storefront for their work.

Vegan menu, local brands

Dear Diary Coffeehouse is the only place in Austin where you can find multiple local vegan favorites under one roof. Our sweets come from Celeste’s Best, our savories come from Bistro Vonish.

Our vendors are our extended family. We feel so privileged to get to partner with truly awesome and talented people.

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Meet the team!

Kristina Kissel is our very sweet, super creative manager. She adores cats! Her kitties are named Olive and Beatrice.

Joshua Adrian is a coffeeshop owner by day and a freelance developer by day… and night. Josh is a busy guy! All of the beautiful interior finishings—the peg walls, the benches—that was hand-built by Josh. He’s the man behind Dear Diary’s general aesthetic. And his life-partner, Shelby, was our architect! Their cats are Fatty, Beebop, and Potato, and their derpy corgi-collie is named Ira.

A. Litsa is the other owner. She is behind many of Dear Diary’s partnerships, products, and programs. She has two very sweet, very destructive teenage cats named Walnut and Cottonwood.


A. Litsa



Joshua Adrian


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