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Battle Bus Street Art Competition

Street artist competition this Saturday

Come to 12th and Chicon at 1pm this Saturday, 5/29 to watch four well-known Austin street artists paint in an epic live art battle! On a bus! The winner will hang work at Dear Diary Coffeehouse.

BATTLE BUS! 4 street artist battle it out on a BUS Saturday, 5/29 from 1-3pm. The battleground is at 12th and Chicon, just a block south of us. The victors will hang their winning piece in a grand location of honor: either above the bus tubs or next to the sofa… we haven’t decided! But it will be EPIC! 🔥

🔥 Heroes: @erk_ross @kimieflores @this_bird_ @the_main_fish

1-3pm SATURDAY 5/29
BUS BATTLE street art competition produced by @openartatx

Dear Diary Coffeehouse is open 8am – 9pm Saturday for indoor and patio dining, takeout, and delivery. See you Saturday!

From Open Art ATX

“What happens when digital artists in the crypto art space collaborate with physical artists to create an intersection between real-world goods and digital assets? Is there a way for artists to distribute & sell directly to their customers with Security, Transparency,  and Privacy? We would like to formally introduce you to the “Battle Bus”, a collaborative art project featuring 4 local artists. Inspired by the crypto art movement, we have taken the innovation one step further to incorporate physical works of art within digital products, through the creation of an NFT collection.

“There are sides of the art industry that are in dire need of innovation. Covid-19 has increased reliance on digital platforms, and all creators have done is generate more value for platforms (Google, IG, Facebook).  We want to explore a way in which local artists and collectors create a two-sided economy for physical and digital goods/assets. This NFT collection will not only provide buyers with the digital asset/design that will act as proof of ownership, but also the Battle Bus physical canvas associated with each 1/1 NFT. It’s like a deed, except instead of a paper bill of sale, its recorded on the blockchain, a sort of giant virtual ledger that tracks how goods exchange hands infinitely from the past to the future.

“NFTs will automatically pay out royalties to their creators when they’re re-sold. This is completely automatic so creators can just sit back and earn royalties as their work is sold from person to person. We cannot guarantee a resell market will take place, but it’s another opportunity for a lot of creators that don’t get paid what they deserve. If the NFT has a royalty programmed into it, you’ll never miss out.

“Should the use of NFTs enable sellers to charge a premium for real world goods just as is the case for works of art? Art is priced subjectively and the premium paid is a reflection of many factors including status, scarcity and desirability of the artist’s creations. The barrier to entry to create NFTs is multiplied by the current limitations for individual artists to mint and sell their own NFTs: high gas fees, limited understanding of the tech, and lack of visibility. 

“We will explore these concepts by collaborating to release the first NFT collection as part of a “Battle Series”, that will accumulate additional collections throughout the year as the OpenArt Studios host battles/events down the road. As a new form of scarcity is re-created using NFTs, the following format will be roughly established to sell on the OpenSea marketplace:

  • 1 NFT token containing 10 editions for sale ( 10 units of the 4 combined digital icons/file created) 
  • 4 individual NFT tokens created for each individual token/canvas pair. 

“As the NFT will be purchased in Ethereum (Eth) we will be assisting in setting everyone up a crypto wallet that we can transfer funds into, once pieces are sold. The funds will be converted into a US Dollar stablecoin before distribution to the artist, which will allow for easier and more transparent transfer to real US Dollar bills for you to withdraw from your wallet. 

“In regards to painting the physical canvas/wall (6ft x 4ft) on May 29th, this piece is completely be up to the artist and their inspiration. We will be offering a grand prize to the winner that includes a product package by local partners, Vandals Graffiti Mural Supply, as well as a single item residency at Dear Diary Coffeehouse. 

“In regards to the second part of this Phygical(physical+digital). Each artist will have time pre-committed to collaborate with our graphic designer to sit down and work on this digital piece. They will all follow the same concept of an animated logo or icon that they commonly display or use to brand themselves.

“With the battle occurring on May 29th, we will likely start the sale of these items through the OpenSea marketplace on Tuesday, June 1st. 

“We are very excited to experiment in new markets and technology that will allow the local creative community to continually create revenue. Please join us this Saturday, May 29th at the 4 Corners Creative Market!”