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Artist programs

Exhibit and sell work at Dear Diary Coffeehouse

Partnering with artists is one of the most joyful aspects of Dear Diary Coffeehouse. Our relationships began with a consignment program that grew from 3 to almost 30 illustrators, fabric artists, and others. We’re excited to connect neighbors and tourists with these extremely talented folks. We’re also proud to curate art that is accessible to enthusiasts across the socio-economic spectrum.

March 15th, we are introducing changes that will increase our capacity to accept new artists, make it easier for our growing staff to ring up products correctly, and enable us build much nicer store displays. To achieve these goals, we are simplifying our product mix, expanding our vendor program, and introducing up scheduled art exhibits.

Become a Dear Diary artist

Consign your work

Dear Diary Coffeehouse will sell stickers and prints from various local artists at standardized prices. This simplified catalogue will enable us to build better product displays, and help us avoid error at the register. Consignment is a nice, low effort option for artists seeking passive brand exposure and a little spending money.

Standardized product pricing:

  • Sticker . . . $4.00 or 3 for $10.00
  • Print (longest side)
    • ≤ 10″ . . . $10.00
    • 11″ – 19″ . . . $20.00
    • 20″ – 29″ . . . $30.00
    • ≥ 30″ . . . $50.00

Dear Diary will take a 35% commission on consignment sales. Artists will receive sales reports at the close of each month, and can pick up their checks during business hours. Dear Diary is not responsible for lost product or theft.

Throw a pop-up event

Separately, Dear Diary’s vendor program will give artists a lot of control over what products are sold and how. Artists are invited to set up shop, promote their event, and actively engage with customers. Booth rental at Dear Diary includes a 6′ table, electricity, one free drink, and a 20% employee discount all day. Dear Diary’s co-marketing package includes a blog mention, Facebook and Google events, and Facebook and Instagram stories. Vendors staff their booth themselves and collect payment from customers directly. Learn more

Rental rates:

Our vendor program will likely end when the pandemic is over and we can safely seat diners indoors.

Organize a show

Artists and art groups may exhibit work on Dear Diary’s walls for a fixed amount of time, depending on availability. Artists can utilize the vendor program for their art openings and closings. Dear Diary does not take a commission on exhibited art; instead, customers are directed to purchase work directly from the artist. Artists are responsible for hanging new work and maintaining the appearance of their gallery. Only removable, no-nail wall mounting systems may be used.

Contact us if you’d like to consign work, exhibit your art, or schedule a pop-up sale.

Curation guidelines

In general, we seek art created at a professional skill level by artists with a strong, developed style. We also favor artists who live in Austin and who are active in the art community. Products sold at Dear Diary Coffeehouse are vegan and rated PG.


We love illustrated prints and stickers! There are a lot of different types of artists out there, but our program is really intended to help people develop an appreciation for people who draw. We are called “Dear Diary” after all! If your art started in a sketchbook, we want to see it! Plus, this sort of art is very accessible to non-artists. A lot of folks are simply amazed by artists’ ability to render imagined scenes and characters.


Art exhibitions

We’re a little more flexible when it comes to our walls, but still give preference to illustrated and graphical styles. If you’re interested in exhibiting, be prepared to share photos of your collection with us. Artists must be able to cover a minimum wall space of 64 sqft in a visually pleasing way. Work must be mounted nicely as well: we like frames, panels, canvases with thick side walls, etc. We don’t really have the means to accept installation art, but we’ll consider your proposal.

Pop-up sale

Artists, crafters, makers, and bakers are invited to rent booth space at Dear Diary. We’re looking for vendors whose products are vegan-friendly, inoffensive, and handmade. We are inviting fellow small retailers to operate under the same roof with us for a day—we are essentially business roommates! For that reason, our booth rentals are not intended for reps selling or demoing products on behalf of a company.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Transition plan

If you are currently consigning products at Dear Diary, read on!

First off, thank you so much for allowing us to sell your work. It has given us a lot of pride, and it is so nice to see customers delight in your work every day!

Why the change? And why now?

Our current program is caving under the weight of its own success. We are representing SO MANY artists, it’s becoming difficult to keep up with your product and pricing updates. Also, we’re doing a lot of hiring in March, and we’re worried new baristas who are unfamiliar with your products will accidentally credit the wrong artist with the sale. These risks have prompted us to redesign the program!

We were also prompted by a desire to continue working with you after the pandemic ends. We won’t have much space for retail when we reopen indoor dining. We’ve chosen to reduce product variety instead of people variety. Josh is building a space-saving display for flat products.

Okay, sorry. One more reason! We want to give other artists an opportunity to work with us too. We can start saying “Yes” to people again when the program is easier to manage.

What are we asking you to do?

Take products home before March 15th:

  • Stickers you do not want to sell for $3.33 – $4.00
  • Prints you do not want to sell for $10.00 – $50.00 (see breakdown above)
  • Products that are neither stickers nor prints

If you’re unable to come before March 15th, we’ll box up your non-stickers and non-prints and …store them somewhere?

What about the art on the walls?

You can take home your wall art if you like, but there’s no rush; your art can “hang out” until we need the space for an exhibitor. Once we get that schedule going, art will live on the walls for agreed-upon periods of time. We’re not there yet though.

Also! Let us know if you’d like to officially do a show. Perhaps you have paintings at home or you have an idea for a particular patch of wall…

What if you don’t sell prints or stickers?

Unfortunately, this change does squeeze out our fabric artists, potters, musicians and others …from the consignment program, but not from Dear Diary altogether! Consider participating in the vendor program. We hosted about a dozen pop-up sales since October, and they’ve been working out really well for everyone involved.

Why prints and stickers? And how was the pricing determined?

We are trying to preserve the aspects of our consignment program that work best. Prints and stickers sell really well, they are compact, and most of you sell them. Easy peasy!

As far as pricing goes, our standard prices are consistent with y’all’s pricing. When in doubt, we skewed high.

Hope that helps

Email hello@deardiarycoffeehouse.com if you have any questions or concerns. And again, thanks for partnering with us all these months!