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Blue Gardens Bakery Bake Sale

at Dear Diary Coffeehouse February 13th

Beth can truly bake anything! Visit her bake sale at Dear Diary Coffeehouse the day before Valentines Day to pick up breads, brownies, cakes, candy… all sorts of sweet and savory vegan treats!

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Blue Gardens Bakery Bake Sale

Saturday, February 13th, 2021
at Dear Diary Coffeehouse
8am – 2pm


Use this pre-order form to make special requests. Use the message box to let Beth know you’ll be picking up your order at the bake sale February 13th.

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Beth, owner of Blue Garden Bakery

Spotlight on Blue Gardens Bakery

From BlueGardensBakery.com:

“Baking has always been my passion. Even as a teacher for twenty-four years, I got more excited about making cupcakes, Christmas cookies, or Halloween cake ball eyeballs for my students than I did lesson planning. When I retired, I moved on to my second career at a law firm. Suddenly, without papers to grade at night, I found my baking creativity blooming.

By this time, I had met my husband and adopted his vegan lifestyle. Going vegan was, at first, frustrating as a baker. Instead of animal products like milk, eggs, and butter, there were multitudes of plant milks, egg replacers and butter substitutes. And it seemed like nothing tasted the same as it did before. I kept plugging away, buying every vegan baking book I could find, and, eventually, I started to get it right.

When I started baking for my law firm, they couldn’t believe it was vegan. And frankly, they didn’t care. It just tasted great. I began to branch out into macarons and more difficult pastries. And that’s really where my story would have ended, if not for COVID-19. In March 2020, we all started working from home. Which meant that all the bakes I wanted to make had to stay at home, too. Faced with the prospect of having to cut back on my baking, I did what any reasonable person would do: I started my own business in the middle of a pandemic.

Blue Gardens Bakery opened in October 2020. Our name comes from a description of Jay Gatsby’s fantastical garden in The Great Gatsby (former English teacher here!) My idea was that the things I make should remind you of all the classic desserts you grew up with, but with a twist: they will always be dairy, egg and other animal product-free. Whether you are vegan for the animals, health or both, everyone wants to be able to enjoy the tastes you grew up with. Being vegan shouldn’t mean feeling deprived. It is my goal to make delicious, classic bakes and candies that you can enjoy and share with everyone, without anyone knowing they are vegan. I hope you will give us a try – and come back again and again!”