Luv Fats Ice Cream Sale

at Dear Diary Coffeehouse January 23rd

Luv Fats is coming to Dear Diary January 23rd! OMG! Such excite! If you’ve never tried Chi’s avocado-based vegan ice creams before, now’s your chance. Okay, here’s the plan: a Celeste’s Best cookie topped with Luv Fats ice cream and a cappuccino on the side. OR! A Luv Fats affogato? OR! A pint and a spoon. Keep it classic. Yummmmmm

Mark your calendar!

Luv Fats Ice Cream Sale

Saturday, January 23rd
at Dear Diary Coffeehouse
8am – 2pm


Use the comments to let Chi know you’ll pick up your order at Dear Diary on the 23rd.

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Spotlight on Luv Fats Ice Cream

Here’s some info from

About the owner

“Luv Fats started as a birthday food idea gifted by Chi Ndika, creator and maker of Luv Fats, for her mom who had acquired a dairy allergy, but was in need of a celebratory dessert. The venture has since turned into a woman-owned and operated business obsessed with making small batch dairy-free ice cream.”

About the ice cream

“We use as many local ingredients and flavors in our small batch ice cream as possible. Chi makes an effort to source from local vendors and makers in Austin as much as possible.

Our base is made with coconut milk, avocados, raw cane sugar and lots of luv. We add avocados in our ice cream to keep the base smooth & rich. Not only are avocados a good fat, they have more potassium than bananas and are a good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 & B5!”

Chi Ndika

Photos & video of Luv Fats Ice Cream