December newsletter

“Meet the artists” event this Wednesday

Join us at 7pm Wednesday, December 16th for a Q&A with Dear Diary’s artists. This is a great opportunity to put faces to names and get to know the 25+ talented people that sell work in our shop. How did they get into art? What advice do they have for aspiring artists? Send the moderator your questions over zoom chat, and stick around for the open discussion after then structured part of the event.

Get 50% off one of your drinks 6pm – 8pm Wednesday night with promo code DDARTNITE. Order takeout and delivery online at You’ll find prints, zines, stickers, etc. on the “Local Artists” menu.

Learn how to join the event:

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December drink specials

Peppermint mocha latte

December is mocha month at Dear Diary Coffeehouse. Today we say ta-ta to Peppermint Mochas ¡Hola! to Mexican mochas! Yum!

Our house-made Mexican mocha recipe has hot and smokey dried peppers, cinnamon, rich dark chocolate syrup, espresso, y felicidades.

See our drink specials online:

Even though peppermint mochas are going off-menu, you can still order them in person. We’re always happy to make whatever you want if we have the ingredients for it.

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Changing up our blends – what do you think?

Dear Diary Coffeehouse roasted coffee

Last month we started roasting our own coffee! Since then, we’ve slowly shifted to using our own beans instead of buying beans from other roasters.

Now we’re working on the real hard part: espresso and cold brew! We love the blends Third Coast has supplied us since we opened in April, and we don’t want to lose the magic!

We want to serve you the most delicious coffee we can. Starting this week, we are using our own espresso and cold brew roasts. Please email Josh and I with your feedback; we really want to get this right!

Email feedback to Josh and Litsa:

P.S., Third Coast is still supplying our nitro cold brew.

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Gift shipping deadlines from USPS

Eek! USPS holiday ship-by dates

The USPS recommends getting all your ground shipments in by December 18th. Eeek that’s this week! Don’t worry. We got you!

Also, thanks so, so much for shopping local this year. We know you would have done it anyway, but gosh. This year it means a lot! 2020 has been tough, but it’s been pretty darn heartwarming too. We are so fortunate to be part of this community. Thanks for welcoming us back in April, and thanks for being our ongoing source of encouragement!

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Maria and Luisa, Prickly Pear ATX

Hosting other small businesses in our retail space has been quite rewarding. We’ve buddied up with so many talented people we really admire, and we want to do more of it!

Calling all vendors! We want to host pop-up sales every weekend between Christmas and Valentines Day! One day Corona will go away, and we’ll use our dining area for dining. But until then, let’s have more retail fun!

Please share this link with friends who might be interested in doing a pop-up sale with us:

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Dear Diary sponsors Violet Crown Cycling organization

Women’s race team 2017

Did you know Josh and Litsa both love bikes? We’re pleased to announce that we are Violet Crown Cycling’s newest sponsor!

Learn more about Dear Diary perks for VC members:

Not a member? That’s cool. We still want to be your favorite spot to start a ride! We think the fenced-in patio across the street is pretty perfect for riders who want to keep an eye on their bikes while they enjoy their coffee.

Plus! We invented a holiday drink for VC that everyone can enjoy! Meet our spicy, hot apple cider:

Violet Crown apple cider

Find this holiday drink on our online menu:

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Team meeting coming up – nice words for Kristina & Kati

Dear Diary’s newest barista, Kati

We’re having our quarterly team meeting / holiday thingie December 22nd. We’ve developed a nice little tradition of reading positive reviews that mention our baristas. We also give our baristas a $5 bonus for each review that has 5-stars. It’s fun!

Anyway, we’re letting you know because if you’ve been meaning to share kudos with Kristina or Kati, now’s the time!

Write a review:, or

Email us your feedback:

Oh gosh! Last thing! THURSDAY (12/17) is Kati’s birthday!!! Wee-hoo! Her next shift is Saturday, December 19th if ya wanna wish her a happy birthday.


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