Extended Hours (8am – 9pm Everyday) and Indoor Seating now available

Call for vendors!

Set up your popup sale at Dear Diary Coffeehouse

Dear Diary seeks vendors for pop-up shops

Would you like to set up your popup shop at Dear Diary Coffeehouse? We are looking for vegan cottage bakers, crafters, makers… all enterprising creatives are welcome to register for a spot!

Why set up shop at Dear Diary?

A one-day pop-up at Dear Diary Coffeehouse creates an opportunity to earn new customers online through in-person and social media marketing. The Chestnut neighborhood has a lot of people, but no farmers markets or flea markets. So far, most of our vendors have experienced good sales, and said they would definitely have their pop-up at Dear Diary Coffeehouse again. We love partnering with fellow small businesses, and customers love seeing the little guys (like us!) collaborate to do fun things!


  • Temperature controlled indoor space
    (masks and social distancing requirements enforced)
  • Electricity
  • Standard 6′ folding table
  • 4 chairs
  • Employee discount at Dear Diary Coffeehouse
  • Access to employee restroom
  • Access to dumpsters

Marketing package

Dear Diary’s estimated weekend foot traffic is 210 people per day, and off-peak traffic is about half of that. At the time of this post, we have 3,200+ Instagram followers, 1000+ Facebook followers, and 900+ Facebook page likes. Our online audience is 75% female and 75% Austin. For an additional fee, we will promote your event in our channels:

  • Blog post mention
  • Instagram & Facebook stories
  • Facebook & Google events
Roughly 9′ wide and 7′ deep

We want your pop-up sale to be successful! While we cannot guarantee specific sales numbers, we can provide you with nice amenities and support you all along the way.

Reserve your spot

Saturday or Sunday

Thursday or Friday

Vendor criteria

We are looking for Austin-area bakers, crafters, artisans, and other makers whose business and products are a good fit for our store. Our criteria is mostly practical in nature, and we want to welcome a wide range of vendors. We will let you know right away if we don’t think your concept would work in our space. We will also issue you a full refund if this happens.


  • Products are suitable for vegans
  • Products are suitable for general audiences
  • Products are small enough to be displayed on a standard 6 ft rectangular folding table
  • Business is owned and operated in Texas


  • Products match Dear Diary’s illustrated aesthetic
  • Business has an established customer following
  • Business advances social or charitable cause
  • Business is owned and operated in the Austin area


Terms of usage

  • Your booth must be attended during the entirety of your reservation (8am – 2pm or 3pm – 9pm)
  • You may arrive 30 minutes before your reservation begins to set up, and stay 30 minutes after your reservation ends to break down. Please do not occupy the space outside of this window.
  • Collect your own payments
  • Follow all laws related to your business
  • Only sell products suitable for vegans and general audiences
  • Do not obstruct the sale of other products sold by Dear Diary
  • Do not interfere with barista operations or enter bar/kitchen area where baristas work
  • Leave the space clean and tidy
  • A mask must ALWAYS be worn in the presence of Dear Diary Coffeehouse customers and staff. Removal of the mask to eat or drink must be done so discretely, and with social distance. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.


  • Terms, conditions, recommendations, and other description in document constitute a binding agreement between your business and Dear Diary LLC
  • Use of Dear Diary’s property for the purposes described in this document is conditioned upon receipt of payment
  • Terms of use apply to yourself, your staff, and other agents working on your behalf
  • You indemnify Dear Diary Coffeehouse of all harm and liability in connection to this agreement
  • This agreement is subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of Dear Diary Coffeehouse. However, we will honor the agreement as it appeared at the time of payment. You are advised to print a copy of this document for your records

Cancelation policy

You may cancel your reservation within 48 hours of placing your order for a full refund. To do this, send an email to hello@deardiarycoffeehouse.com that states your desire to cancel. We will issue your refund within 15 days of receiving this notice.

You may cancel your reservation without a refund after this 48 hour period.

Dear Diary Coffeehouse may cancel your reservation for any reason. If we do this, we will notify you using the email address you provided when you placed your reservation. We will issue a full refund within 15 days of canceling your reservation.

A rescheduled or postponed event constitutes a cancellation, and a new event date may be reserved for the normal fee at the time of its reservation.