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Punk N Spice headlines DD’s October latte lineup

Available through October 31st

Zucchini Kill’s Punk N Spice at Dear Diary

Zucchini Kill Bakery’s Punk N Spice blend was an instant hit when it was released earlier this month! Dear Diary was inspired to recreate its flavor—clove, nutmeg, and maple—to produce the fall latte that would headline their festival of October pumpkin drinks. DD’s remix is a gourmet blend of the aforementioned flavors, plus a splash of carrot juice for color and a spot of black tea for extra punk! ⚡️ The new latte tastes great iced or hot, and customers who don’t want too much caffeine can order it as a steamer instead.

Punk N Garnish

You can also ask our baristas to add a dash of Zucchini Kill’s original Punk N Spice blend to any drink this October. If you’re ordering online, look for Punk N Spice as a garnish option when you customize your drink.

Where to get it

Dear Diary Coffeehouse is open for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining 8am – 2pm every day. To order your Punk N Spice latte online, visit:

The spice blend is available at Zucchini Kill’s shop at 701 East 53rd street. It tastes great in coffee (obviously!), on pancakes, over ice cream…

About ZK and DD

Zucchini Kill is a dedicated vegan, gluten free bakery owned founded by two woman musicians in Austin, TX. Their business name is an homage to Bikini Kill and other feminist punk rock pioneers. Check out their website, https://www.zucchinikill.com/ for business hours, online ordering, custom orders, and wholesale. Get to know Cece and Jessica a little better by watching their Explore Vegan ATX interview.

Zucchini Kill
701 East 53rd Street, C
Austin, Texas 78751
(737) 215-5936

Dear Diary Coffeehouse is a vegan coffee shop founded by two artists in Austin, TX. Their business name reflects their vision for the shop: to be a place where writers and artists hang out and make stuff. It’s a little hard to do that during Corona, however, so the owners have transformed their shop into a place where writers and artists can sell stuff! Learn more about Dear Diary’s holiday pop-up shop which features work from 20 artists and counting!

Dear Diary Coffeehouse
1212 Chicon St #103
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 489-6757