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Halloween bake sale & trick-or-treat

Dear Diary is open 8am – 8pm October 31st

Pre-order is open!

Order goodies online by Tuesday, October 27th and pick them up at the bake sale on Halloween. This is a great option if you are afraid a certain item will sell out. The bake sale itself will have more types of treats than what you see online, but the pre-order inventory covers the essentials!


Need an excuse to dress up and get out this Halloween? Dear Diary Coffeehouse and Prickly Pear ATX are co-hosting a big vegan bake sale all day October 31st. Dear Diary is providing the space, and will be open until 8pm for the special event. Prickly Pear is baking 100% vegan sweet, savory, and gluten free deliciousness.

Vegan treats from Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear ATX is a new vegan cottage bakery getting their start with the help of Dear Diary Coffeehouse. Halloween will be their debut bake sale. Maria Vargas, Prickly Pear’s owner is bringing a variety of sourdough, sweet breads, rolls, and cake. Her friend, Litsa is bringing cookies and pop tarts. She is also working on new gluten free recipes. Some of the more challenging ones include gluten free yeast donuts and cinnamon rolls. Follow @pricklypearatx on Instagram to see photos of recipes that made the cut!

Halloween drink specials

Halloween is the last day of Dear Diary’s Punk N Spice latte collaboration with Zucchini Kill! Stop by to enjoy its mapley flavor one last time before DD’s baristas launch their November line-up. The shop will also have a small selection of seasonal beers customers can enjoy outdoors thanks to Austin’s new public consumption laws.

Staying safe this Halloween

We know a lot of people are foregoing parties this year because they want to avoid the spread of Corona Virus. Dear Diary and Prickly Pear are offering neighbors an excuse to get out of the house and do something fun without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Dear Diary has cleared the shop’s dining area so that customers can browse bake sale items while maintaining social distance. The shop has extended Halloween hours to 8am – 8pm so that folks have the entire day to come and go. As always, masks must be worn inside.

Trick-or-treat wrapped candy will be available for kids outdoors where hand sanitizer will be provided. We’re looking for a nice spot outside to do this; likely at the picnic tables across the street or further up the sidewalk a bit, away from the shop’s front door.

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