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Thanks for spending the last 6 months trying out black-owned and woman-owned micro roasters with us! As of November 2020, Dear Diary Coffeehouse roasts its own coffee. For this reason, we decided to phase out Coffee Club so we can focus on the growth of this new arm of our business. Supporting other roasters was really fun and felt good, and we’d like to continue findings ways to do so in the future.

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About the program

Dear Diary is on a coffee journey! Join us as we try out beans from small roasters across the country, particularly businesses with positive community impact. $1 for each Coffee Club fulfillment is donated to a local non-profit that advances entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Right now we’re raising funds for the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce (GABC).

How did it start?

As a reseller, we have an opportunity to generate business for suppliers we believe in and want to support. On Blackout Tuesday, we were reminded we could use this to contribute to the larger Black Lives Matter movement. However, business at Dear Diary is Corona-slow. We don’t have a lot of buying power. If we simply switched our drip coffee to black-owned suppliers, our order volume would be so tiny, they’d be helping us more than we’d be helping them!

We realized we couldn’t do this alone. So we started Coffee Club. Your subscriptions enable us to build up a meaningful amount of volume for the roaster we’ve selected. And we’re really excited to have a circle of friends (you!) to share with.

This program is truly unique. Most coffee subscription services fall into one of two categories: you’re either subscribing to a single roaster, or you’re subscribing to a distributor that carries several large brands. It’s pretty hard to find a subscription service that will work with tiny roasters for you, but that’s what we’re doing at Dear Diary!

Who do we partner with?

We are so excited to have launched this program with DOPE Coffee of Atlanta, Georgia. Their business’ mission rejects stereotypes about who appreciates gourmet coffee. “We create special products inspired by Black culture for the culture but everyone is invited to the party.”

Another roaster we’re geeking about is Amateur Coffee out of Omaha, NE. No, they are not blacked-owned, but they are part of another community we care about: indie illustrators! We’re just big fans and excited to have any excuse to collaborate with them. 🤩

How does this help our community?

Obviously, we’re thrilled about the coffee adventures ahead, and we really want to take you along with us! But getting back to the original mission, we want to support black entrepreneurs here in Austin.

Dear Diary knows how wonderful it feels to be supported. We have vegan customers that travel from their neighborhoods to ours just to support a business with like-values. We have many morning dog-walkers that have made us part of their route. We have folks who leave extra tips for our baristas. People don’t need our coffee; they can get cheaper coffee at HEB and make it at home. But people do need community. We feel so honored that folks have chosen to create community around us. We want to pay the love forward.

But here’s the thing. DOPE is in Atlanta, Amateur is in Omaha… How does that help Austin? We have pledged $1 for each Coffee Club fulfillment to the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, and we’re on the lookout for other organizations that work to empower and enable entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

How does membership work?

Subscribing is all you need to do to stay in the loop, but we’ve created a Facebook group as well. Join Dear Diary Coffee Club to nerd out about coffee with fellow members. This group is also our inner circle where we collect feedback, get help planning events, share “unofficial hours,” and announce random little discounts.

Not a social media user? We have an online newsletter for folks who would rather read an RSS feed or have news sent to their inboxes.

Purchasing options

Starting at $19/mo

Each subscription fulfillment contains a bag of coffee, information about the roaster, plus goodies to bring the package up to a $20 value.

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