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Dear Diary face masks

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Sewing face masks has been a fun activity for us during the slower hours at the shop. We’re proud of our fully adjustable, comfortable design. Elastic is scarce, but our crocheted cotton chains are nicer anyway, and the mask won’t slip off your nose! The sides are open so you can slip a HEPA filter in for added protection.

Fabric is really hard to come by! We only make 6–10 masks out of whatever cute fabric we find, and then we have to hunt for more cute fabric. So if you don’t like what you see, just wait a week and we’ll have all new patterns.

We are totally happy to make custom masks to order. Just contact Litsa with your ideas. We can’t accept fabric you bring us (what if it’s full of the Coronas?!), but you can order a half yard of something online and have it shipped to us.


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